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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

The Marvel Movie-verse is crowded enough without bringing the X-Men into it, and vise-a-verse. Besides, I love the X-Men movies (well, except for Wolverine, but that's effectively getting retconned out anyway) and I think they work well being in their own universe. Yeah, they're not 100% accurate to the source material, but then again the comics aren't either so it doesn't really bug me.

It's a shame about Spider-Man, though. I thought Raimi's Spider-Man could have fit easily in the same universe as Iron Man (and they originally planned on alluding to this in a dropped scene in IM, but they had to drop it due to rights issues), and I don't really like how the reboot is shaping up. I don't really care what happens to Spider-man right now since the version I liked is over and done with.

Maybe Marvel will get the rights to F4 and Daredevil back. I think that could work out well, because I want Marvel to be able to use Dr. Doom, Galactus, and Kingpin in the MMU. Marvel could do awesome stuff with them, but not if Fox still holds onto them.

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