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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Red Sun radiation would like a word with you. Even so, it just sounds like another useless fanboy complaint. Superman lifted NK which was littered with kryptonite. Not to mention he dropped back to earth and ended up in a coma afterwards, so its not like it was a piece of cake.
Yeah, I know about red sun radiation, and magic for that matter, but in terms of the films, kryptonite was his only established weakness, and if you pulled any average Joe in off the street and asked them about Superman's weaknesses, kryptonite would probably be the only answer they could give.

As for it being a "fanboy complaint," I'm pretty far removed from being a Superman fanboy. I complain about it because it just seemed like they painted themselves into a corner, and then took an easy way out. They put Supes in this scenario, where he'd been stabbed with K, and was on this island made of it, and thought "how is he going to get out of this one?" It just seems to me that "**** it, he just lifts that **** anyway" is kind of a blah solution.

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