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Default Re: Superman's power level

I have to agree with those above who suggested for a very powerful Superman. I do not want to se him nerfed down as he was in '86. The gist of the character allows for great stories and battles at his most powerful.

I do not think that Lex Luthor (with a suit of course) should be physically battling him. I think his villains should be other alien beings such as Darkseid, Mongul, etc.

In addition, I would add I have problems with Kryptonite in the way it is used today. In Smallville (even though an else world it is an adaptation of Superman), it can be found ver easily to the point that I don't think Superman would be truly a threat to any villain. Make it extremely rare, if at all, and make it weaken him gradually like any slow acting poison or radiation would a normal person.

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