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Default Re: Kevin Costner up for a role?

Originally Posted by Kurosawa View Post
But they're dead, and so were Superman's when he was relevant.

Or maybe they should die and Superman be unable to save them, learning the huge lesson that even his powers have limits. I have never said that his motivation should be the loss of his parents.

Not the same, plus Alfred was originally not part of Batman's life. Regardless, Batman has an adult existence, not a too-good-to-be-believed perfect white picket fence family. The Kents were kept alive because they got rid of Superboy. The mistake was keeping them around kept Superman himself Superboy forever. It was a well-meant change and a somewhat subtle one but it has been part of the reason for Superman's decline to near-irrelevance over the last 25 years.
But if Batman's family was alive he would visit them because it's evident by how much he misses them and loves them. Just because you love your family doesn't mean everything is perfect and "white picket fence" like as you have so stated MANY times. Loving your family and wanting to see them doesn't mean he has to seek advice because he doesn't know how to be a man and solve things on his own and I have no idea where you get this from. Maybe your parents didn't love you enough as a child, I don't know...I don't get along with my father but I still love him and my mother. Just because you visit home doesn't mean you are running from your problems. I do think that Jonathan passing away should be a catalyst for Clark to become Superman. But I just don't think that going home to ask for advice makes him weak. And really relevance has nothing to do with telling a great and interesting story.

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