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Default Re: Kevin Costner up for a role?

Costner would be fantastic as Jonathan Kent. As someone said earlier, he's slightly reminiscent of John Schneider, who was one of the better things in Smallville.

Not to run down Glenn Ford's version, but I much prefer Pa Kent to be a younger fitter man who can still manage to run the farm himself, rather than this 70-80yr old. I think with today's younger audience they would relate better to a Pa Kent who actually looks like a father, not a grandfather.

Costner has great acting ability and a lot of presence. He also has that midwestern look and voice down to a tee, and playing a Kansas farmer wouldn't be a huge stretch for him. Going with an actor like Costner for Jonathan Kent also distances the film greatly from the Donner versions.

Great casting - if he gets it.

I'd still like to see Meryl Streep as Ma Kent, I think she would play off Costner very well. There's about 5yrs age difference between them but it would be barely noticeable on screen, Streep looks quite young and fit for her age. Annette Benning is a great actress but I agree that she doesn't give off a warm vibe, she has more of a Hilary Clinton vibe lol

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