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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

The characters I want to go back to Marvel are primarily the villains between Daredevil and Fantastic 4. Dr. Doom, Kingpin, and Galactus would all be much better off in the Marvel Movie-verse than where they're at now, but I guess there's not much that can be done about that. I am not happy with the direction the Spider-Man franchise is currently going in, but I'm not sure how much better of we'd be if Marvel got their hands on it again. Chances are we'd get yet ANOTHER reboot, and the fact that Sony is rebooting is precisely the reason I'm unhappy with its current home in the first place. I've pretty much accepted that no-one is going to do what I want them to do with Spider-Man, and enjoy the complete series that I already have. It may sound harsh, but for now the Spider-Man movie franchise is pretty much dead to me.

I'm fine with Fox keeping X-men, though. I think they've done a decent enough job so far (except for XMOW, which I hated), and I think there's great things in store for it at Fox. I'm actually glad that Marvel can't use any X-men characters in the Marvel Movie universe, because that place is going to get crowded enough as it is without bringing millions of superpowered mutants into the mix. The X-Men universe is too darned big to fit inside of the Marvel Movie universe without making a spectacular mess out of everything, not to mention that the "Reed Richards is Useless" trope will become pretty much impossible to avoid.

You can get away with stuff like that in the comics where the consistency and believability are pretty much accepted from the outset, but movie audiences are much less forgiving about these sorts of things. And like I said, the absence of any mutants or Mephisto forces Marvel to be more creative than they have been in the comics, because there's less room for narrative ass-pulls. Marvel not being able to show people making deals with the devil, or inventing mutants for the sole purpose of solving narrative issues means that Marvel will have to either make sound choices or live with their mistakes. I certainly would not be very eager to see the concept of "comic book universe continuity" introduced to movies if it means we also have to put up with all the BS retcons and handwaving that comic editors love to resort to when they need to undo their own terrible ideas.

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