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Default Re: The Official Jude Law/General Zod Thread

Ok,... now after reading peoples comments here,... it is quite clear you guys don't want Zod to return. Lets remind ourselves something. Zod is the exact opposite of Superman, same powers & also to add 2 side kicks in Ursa & Non, who both also possess the same powers. Zod & Co would wipe the floor with any baddies mentioned or hell any other HERO in DC COMICS & Marvel put together!!! We're talking about beings that are like Superman who do not need oxygen to live. Chuck spidey out in space,... lol he will die. Chuck the HULK out in space. Hmmm. Not so incredible. Who? Batman?!!! Yeah and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be president in the next election! Give me a break people. Braniac???!!! I'm done listening to these suggestions. Zod should be, by right,... the BIG villian. A new ZOD with todays CGI would give us a mind blowing visual to how evil he is. The joker returned in the Dark Knight & that is what made the Dark Knight enjoyable. I for one will welcome Jor-El's arch enemies, superman's enemies my all time greatest villians, General Zod, Ursa & Non.

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