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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by afan View Post
It's about both..........However having an all powerful Superman eliminates stories like "Panic in the Sky" an episode of the George Reeves TV series, which featured both a physical challenge to Superman and an exploration of his character.
It also features a collaboration between Superman and Earth science to remove the threat.
I've never gotten that impression from reading discussions about his powers. It's usually about how much he can or cannot do and who's powerful enough to take him on physically. But, that's the general fanboy way of thinking. This discussion is interesting.

Anyhow, they could always leave it pretty open and not make it an issue if he's strong enough to do something like say in All-Star Superman. I don't think think anyone is really expecting to see him push planets around like they're nothing, though. But, seeing how this is a film for the masses as well as fanboys, I'm sure his strength will be made an issue somehow.

Do people really wonder about that? And I'm talking about the general audience. Did people think about Batman, Iron Man, Spidey, etc. not being able to win in the end? Whatever he faces, he's likely going to overcome it through brains and/or brawn.

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