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Default Re: Kevin Costner up for a role?

Originally Posted by KyleDW2 View Post
You really hate your own parents, don't you?

Hey, I often see my parents and talk things over with them. Guess I'm a pretty big failure at life, huh?
You have the wrong room. Psychoanalysis 101 is down the hall.

In the early golden age comics, Superman had only the memory of the morals his parents taught him. He could never go back and ask for advice, meaning he had to grow to be very self-sufficient and independent. And that in turn may have made him more admirable as a character.

While someone may say it's similar to Batman, there's a key difference. Batman is about stopping the same kind of events that stole his parents away from him, while Superman is about upholding the morals his parents taught him, and inspiring them in others.

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