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You have the wrong room. Psychoanalysis 101 is down the hall.

In the early golden age comics, Superman had only the memory of the morals his parents taught him. He could never go back and ask for advice, meaning he had to grow to be very self-sufficient and independent. And that in turn may have made him more admirable as a character.

While someone may say it's similar to Batman, there's a key difference. Batman is about stopping the same kind of events that stole his parents away from him, while Superman is about upholding the morals his parents taught him, and inspiring them in others.
And yet Superman in modern comics is still the inspiring and wholesome hero he's always been. He just has people to talk to now. I like the fact that Clark can talk to people. And note how I said Clark. Not Superman. Clark is the real person.

This is even more important on film. In a movie you need a way for the character to talk about what is going on. We don't get to see their thought bubbles. In Nolan's Batman movies Bruce is only real when he is with Alfred. Without Alfred we would have no idea what is really going on with Bruce Wayne, the personality hidden behind the playboy Bruce and the vigilante Batman. Superman is the same way. He hides behind the public figure of Superman and the un-intimidating figure of Metropolis Clark. So in order to get to know the real Clark we need to have people he can talk with. That means Ma and Pa Kent and possibly Lana Lang.

And this is all before we get to the fact that I like Clark talking with his parents. I like the contrast between Clark and Bruce. I always look at the two and see Batman as what Superman would have been had he not had the Kents to be there for him. Bruce sees Clark as what he has always wanted but can never have. That's one of the ways Superman is better than Batman. Batman can never have what Clark has. He can never be that happy.

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