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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

With where things currently stand, I think Fox would be fools to say: "We're not really interested in making any more of these films." and Marvel would be fools to say: "We really, really really want to get them back."

It's just like someone walking into a car dealership. You're not going to tell the Salesman how long you've been dreaming of that shiny new Audi and the salesman isn't going to tell you that A4's been sitting around for forever.

As for Fox making a crap film just to retain the rights, I think that's where we'll see the Disney lawyers jump into action. And while Fox may claim they'd do something like that, they'd have to think twice about actually following through - with or without the Disney lawyers breathing down their necks.

If they produce a crap film and release it to theaters, they'd be greatly devaluing the property and what's the point of hanging onto a property like grim death when your own idiotic actions have made that property worthless?

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