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Default Re: Kevin Costner up for a role?

Originally Posted by KyleDW2 View Post
You really hate your own parents, don't you?

Hey, I often see my parents and talk things over with them. Guess I'm a pretty big failure at life, huh?
Instead of trying to Psychoanalyze me, you should learn and analyze the Superman comics from the time in which the character was actually successful, popular, and relevant instead of the fail comics you grew up reading and so desperately hang on to. You grew up reading a failed experiment, an experiment that has resulted in Superman reaching the depths of near total irrelevance that he now languishes at.

Originally Posted by Superman Prime View Post
You have the wrong room. Psychoanalysis 101 is down the hall.

In the early golden age comics, Superman had only the memory of the morals his parents taught him. He could never go back and ask for advice, meaning he had to grow to be very self-sufficient and independent. And that in turn may have made him more admirable as a character.

While someone may say it's similar to Batman, there's a key difference. Batman is about stopping the same kind of events that stole his parents away from him, while Superman is about upholding the morals his parents taught him, and inspiring them in others.
Precisely. Jerry Siegel's own father was murdered and he ended up estranged from his mother. Superman was alone in the world for a reason. A Superman who has a perfect, idyllic life is very, very boring and turns people off of the character.

And for the record, I am very close to my father and was close to my mother. I generally am against killing characters and was initially happy the Kents were left alive in the 1986 reboot-it was one of the things I initially liked about it. But as the years went on, I realized that it was bad for Superman because it kept him in Superboy mode as a character and did more bad than good.

Back to the subject at hand, I once again reiterate that I do love the Kents as characters and if Costner gets the part of Jonathan Kent, then that is a really wise choice.

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