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Default Re: How should Superman fight?

Originally Posted by Rev View Post
I would not expect Superman to be fighting like Bruce Lee or Jet Li in a film but at the very least, he should know some of the basics of blocking and using his opponents momentum against him especially if he is going up against someone of similar or greater power levels. He is rarely portrayed as a smart fighter and I would like to see that change or shown differently in the movie.
great post...while i agree that i don't want him fighting strictly like a martial artist, i'd even like to see Superman throw some kicks too. if Superman is fighting an opponent who is as powerful as he is, he should use whatever means necessary to take him down. if he sees an opening where a kick might do the trick, then he should use it. i just don't want him looking like he's using Tae Kwon Do.

welcome to the Hype, btw.

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