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Default Re: How should Superman fight?

Superman really shouldn't be a styled fighter. It would really make zero sense for him to be so considering that until he meets his first supervillian he has never had to be in a meaningful fight in his life.

Superman should be a tusslin farmboy. Tackles, bodyslams, choking, shoulder blocks. Squaring off with a trained fighter, a Zod, Eradicator, even Braniac considering it has probably dowloaded techniques, I imagine the whoever the villian may be hitting Supes with your typical Liam Neeson array of offensive with Superman willing his way through the beating an attacking life your typical everyday brawler of the backyard. Imagine said supervillian jabbing, jabbing, jabbing. Superman is just taking a beating, looking like Rocky Balboa in the middle of getting pummeled by Apollo Creed. Out of nowhere, Supes explodes with energy after getting rocked in the jaw, swings to the back of his opponent and hits a belly to back overhead suplex.

Thats what I picture.


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