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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by Catman View Post
You're joking, right? Superman was created in the middle of the Great Depression. It was a time where people were struggling and in their desperation urban crime became a serious threat for the first time. Why else do you think that Superman was so tough on crime? Why else do you think that Batman's origin involves his parents being murdered by a thug? It was an issue that people were facing in the 1930s. In a way, nothing has changed. Morals, values, and respect is something we've always lacked.
Superman aslo wasn't able to juggle aircraft carriers and walk on the surface of the moon for giggles. The idea of Superman tossing around wife beaters and involving himself in busting local politicians in an anathema to how much the character has evolved or the last 75 years. While going after abusive people is a cute idea in the abstract, it makes him a coward to do so. Even worse it makes him a bully lording his power over others. Is that how you solve abuse? in the real world often times when an abuser is put in that position his initial victim winds up dead, that's a statistical fact. In the world of the comics it also feeds into the two main ideas that Superman constantly runs into:

1. The inability to save everyone all the time: he's not going to always be there to stop a threat. Most criminals real and imagined become repeat offenders including cases of abuse.
2. Solving other peoples problems. where does it stop? Why doesn't he fix the economy, or stop dictators in recognized governments, or wars? Why doesn't Superman have the time to take my grandmother to her dialysis appointments in Yorba Linda?

Superman's concerns should be the greater good, those problems that can't be handled by normal means, not stopping purse snatchers and beating up abusive drunks.

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