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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
Superman isn't supposed to be relatable. Relatable is a fanboy buzz word for validity. It's the search to desperatly justify their love for the fantastic by trying to ground it in their rules and their thinking. that way people won't make fun of them for it, or at least in their minds. Superman doesn't need to be stopping street crime, or fighting a fire in 3 seconds between keystrokes at the Daily Planet. he needs to be stopping world conquering villains, Super-powered criminals and giant monsters like Chemo and Titano.
Superman's powerset alone makes it ridiculous for him to be stopping muggers in the street. It's also not in Superman's mission to solve the world's problems, which was the problem with Superman IV.
Stopping the hydrogen bomb in Superman 2 is different. The bomb if it had exploded would have leveled an entire city.
Spider-man is not a relatable character. He's a genius with superhuman strength, reflexes, precognitive senses and the ability to cling to surfaces. He's got an over developed sense of guilt and constantly complains about being unlucky while winning a Pulitzer prize, marrying a supermodel/actress, being friends with some of the richest most powerful people in the Marvel universe. Now he's a successful research scientist working for a billion dollar think tank. Aunt may is married to a millionaire author, who's son was a successful media tycoon turned Mayor of New York City.
Damn... Good call

Although I still see Superman taking a quick bathroom break from the Planet to stop fires and street crime, but I wouldn't want to see a movie based on that.

Way to call Spider-man out though... I've thought that for years...

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