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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

What we really need from Golden Age Superman is his opinions. Superman has been stripped of all his stands for out of fear certain readers might disagree. Its like he's not allowed to voice anything but sacharrine or inane comments that barely touch on any issues. Superman can say he's against racism, for example, because its a mainstream ethical consensus but he can't say anything specific about how it should be done even though he has experience of how social isolation feels. (unless he's in the future and the writer uses sci fi allegory) I don't have to agree with him but it would give him character to have a point of view. While he doesn't he's a blank canvas. At the same time I don't want a Superman whose stoies are led by social issues primarily.

Originally Posted by Superman2007 View Post
One things for sure...the Superman of 1938 stood for things and wasn't afraid to punch a guy, while espousing a strong point of view.

Nowadays, Superman is tiptoeing around abstract moral paradigms. He's wandering around the U.S questioning everything and talking himself out of relevance. Writers over the years have diluted him with angst and made him less interesting as a result.

I read the first Superman story a while ago and he was just sensational the way he way he was just handling problems. It was in the vein of the Fliescher cartoons.

I want to see a Superman of action, in this film. Someone who has a point of view and makes no apologies for it....Someone who does things without whining and handles relevant problems.
Once we found out 'Grounded' Superman is the product of a complete breakdown I liked it a lot more. I think its better to compare it to DCU Decisions that tied in to the last US Presidential election. Superman of 1938 would have no fear of leading the debate on social issues because he stood for something specific. He looks after people who can't look after themselves for many reasons such as gender inequality or financial powerlessness. This Superman cannot tell us his opinions. Its a bizarre perspective that this man can stand for everyone but to do so he has to abdicate any individuality in the role.


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