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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by Superman2007 View Post
You say it's bizarre, I say it's moronic. He doesn't even have to espouse controversial things but he needs to do things represent his beliefs.

Iron Man went to the Middle East to take out Terrorists. Batman wasn't opposed to beating a criminal, rendition, or wiretapping in TDK. The X-Men fight for Civil Rights. What does Superman stand for and what issues does he inject himself in? Lifting really big objects? Picking up cats stuck in trees?

It's not very controversial, but it's not very interesting either. Which is why for decades now...the character has been not taken seriously by the general public.
Exactly...and it just so happens that the original character actually DOES stand for certain things.

Putting Superman on this high pedestal and treating him squeaky clean is making the character seem ancient, when he's anything but.

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