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Originally Posted by Ken-Kaniff View Post
I don't understand why there has to be an IM4, IM5, IM6, IM7.......IM100!

They just stretch these superhero movies too much! Round up a trilogy and end with up. The Iron Man movies were pretty solid (at least the 1st) and if the 3rd will be great too, it's gonna be perfect!
Superhero films(especially mainstream, established ones like the Marvel/DC characters) are like James Bond. You can make movies about them long as they keep earning $. You might as well have asked why they keep making comics runs of characters that have hundreds and hundreds of issues. They're serialized and intended to be ongoing. Do you think they'll ever stop making Spider-Man, Batman or Superman movies? You know damn well they won't.

Currently enduring a general malaise at the quality of live action Marvel/DC shows on network TV. Hopefully NetFlix can remedy that.
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