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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

That actually leads to an interesting idea: What if he were established as Superman for a year or two before he moved to Metropilis and took a job at the Daily Planet, and that's when he's more proactive and hot headed? That way, his decision to become a reporter could be a point of character development. Plus, it could take the place of the "Superboy" period of his life, which would appease people with Silver Age nostalgia, while at the same time not having the more cheesy elements that the less nostaglic cringe at. That could be very interesting. It could be very much about discovering one's identity. He starts off as a young man in Smalville, with all these strange abilities, with the knowledge that he was born on another planet and how bizzar and alienating that is, with no "normal" skills besides a talent for the written word, and with no sense of purpose in life. He goes out into the world to try and learn and maybe become an author or a journalist and figure out what to do with his powers. He sees all sorts of pain and suffering in the world and decides to become pro-active about it. He creates the Superman identity and costume and goes public as a Superhero. He throws himself into the role and gets very pro-active and a tad overzealous. By the end, after everything goes down the way it would, he realizes that he needs to bring himself back closer to Earth in order to be a real hero, and embrace the humanity instilled in him by his upbringing instead of distancing himself from it in a persuit of personal meaning. Out come the glasses and the reporter gig. Maybe the death of a parent could be thrown in somewhere.

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