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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
hbe didn't read comics by his own admission. I'm not making these things up. I don't need to do it when the proof is coming from the man's own words.

Not in that interview but he does in this one
Besides Harryhausen, were there any other pop culture references that influenced your recent movies like comic books?

Those kinds of things that you grow up watching like the Rankin and Bass "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", they stay with you. They just kind of form what you like to do. I wasn't a big comic book fan, really. I don't know if I was dyslexic, but I always had trouble knowing which box to read first. I kept reading the wrong box and thought this is a comic book that doesn't make any sense. Do I read the one up here or the one down here? I couldn't quite deal with it.
You should post the part where he admits he didn't read Batman comics for the movie, not the ones where he says he had troubles reading comics as a kid. This is no proof.

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
no it proves he was going off the script that Sam Hamm wrote and Michael Uslan approved. I know Mike Uslan.
Well that's why directors have people around. It was Goyer who insisted in getting a mask for Scarecrow and it was Burton insisting Hamm that Batman should keep his cape.

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
No he lumbered through like a freight train, walked around opening and closing his cape and was about as stealthy as John Candy in "Who is Harry Crumb?"
Ah yes, ridiculous descriptions. They should make look the movie bad. Buty no.

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
I liked the movies but they are a product of their time, from a pair of producers who wanted Bill Murray to play Batman and Nicholas Cage to play Superman.
And Michael Keaton, a comedian, for Batman, and it worked.

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
However I feel like we're getting off track. I stand by my statement, People will want to see a version of Superman they recognize from Television and films inn the new movie. No radical changes just upgrades.
No radical changes. But let's put some meat into this Superman and no just shallow speeches as usually.

Originally Posted by afan View Post
Because, he doesn't break the law.
So he doesn't defend "justice" but just "laws." I know the subjecxt is noit easy but it's time for it to be addressed.

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