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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by Alex_Spider View Post
No, not to people, only to the corrupted forces of the world and the unfairness behind some laws. I think you took it too far with the demolition and all that. I don't think everyone of us implied this. After all if he took totally the law in his own hands, there would be no stories to tell, lol. We 're talking about little things which i am not going to analyze now obviously. But i believe that the things you mentioned are an extreme example just as the Boy Scout's one. There can be a middle ground.
And who gets to decide what is fair? Fair is not a definite sum. There is not an index of fair. Which is what makes this line of thinking dangerous. For some people fair means survival of the fittest, for others fair means everyone must be equal in absolutely every way. Should Superman physically enforce the viewpoint that he shares? After all, he'd only be doing what is "fair."

And there really isn't a middle ground. Either Superman enforces the law or he doesn't. He doesn't get to pick and choose due to inconvenience.

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