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Default Re: Kenner did actually make an accurate Returns batman figure

Originally Posted by SuperestHero View Post
Umm, what's your point? On all the promo material during 1989 the batman logo was different to the logo on batmans costume during the film. Like the one on the role play kit. What's interesting is most (if not all) of the other role play or batman costumes had the promo logo, the one most people familiarize with Batman. As a kid I always wondered why the stuff we could buy ie costumes, had a different bat symbol than what was worn in the movie. Those were confusing times for a 6yr old with all these different Batmen thru media. I had the 60s batman and robin with eyebrows, comic book batman who was dealing with robin dying, cartoon batman, who hung out with robin, wonderwoman, superman and co who never fought the riddler or catwoman and this new batman, with no robin who wore all black.

So to answer your STUPID question. Yes I've seen Batman 1989. I saw it in the cinema, s*itting myself with excitement in 1989.
ohhh looks like someone got very upset over nothing haha

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