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Default Re: Deadpool Spin-off Confirmed - Part 1

Has there been any news at all on the Deadpool front?

......IF tarantino could pull a Kill Bill with Deadpool that would be awesom lol...I remember a few of us preferring that before Origins came out......that's still my dream as far as a Deadpool film...Directed by Tarantino...

Currently I hope Rodriquez can somehow work it into schedule, and Ryan can somehow can at least give some input on the film and current state or situation of the film...

& Celtic...I would take Michael Bay...heck...I'd take the Brothers Strause, at least over Ratner and Anderson...(and this coming from a guy who did enjoy X3 and the RE films)...sad

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Thank you for your vote, Hellion. (now I'd vote for you! :) )
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