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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

Originally Posted by Jordacar View Post
Aha, I knew there was a thread specifically about this.

Like I've said before, I wanna see a straight live-action prime time Batman show, no twist on the material, no early-days take. A new show should be similar in tone to the Nolan films but follow its own continuity.

Anyway, after Nolan rounds out his trilogy, there will never be a better time for Batman to make the jump to TV, while Superman and the other DC big guns have their turn at the box office.
I actually think it would be one of the worst likely times to see a live-action batman on TV. If anything DC seems to put their character on tv when they're not that popular and not at their peak. Batman will still be at his popular peak for several years after the last nolan flick.

Also WB's going to be protective of batman's image. For the last decade he's been depicted in these near 200 million dollar budget films. I don't think WB would want to start exposing the public to his made for tv version. Which is why i think you've never seen the superman suit on tv in smallville.

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