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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

I would like something on cable, maybe 10-12 episodes per season, and keep it cinematic like Battlestar Galactica or The Walking Dead or Dexter. Those three shows were shot so beautifully, you forgot it wasn't a movie. 10-12 episodes per year make it more clean and tight writing-wise, and it can focus on season-long arcs. Get a cheap cast and boom, you've got your Batman series. Do 3 or 4 seasons, giving us a total of almost 50 episodes over 4 years, and everybody moves on.

Kevin McKidd - Batman
Timothy Dalton - Alfred
Elias Koteas - Gordon
James Gandolfini - Bullock
Sigourney Weaver - Leslie Thompkins
Brad Dourif - Hamilton Hill
Rhona Mitra - Catwoman
Melinda Clarke - Poison Ivy

Utilize every villain in some way throughout the series. It's so simple, the **** writes itself.

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