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Default Re: Rank the Marvel films

It's been thirteen years since Blade came out, which marked the new emergence of Marvel comic book characters being adapted for the big screen. So after over a decade of entertainment, I thought it would be a good idea to rank your favorite Marvel films with explanations if you want.

I'll begin...

1. Spider-man (2002)
This was the granddaddy of all comic book movies for a lot of people. The hype, the anticipation, Sam Raimi, and Bruce Campbell! This film sparked new interest in comic books and introduced a whole new generation to old web head. Grossing $821.71 million worldwide, everyone was a spidey fan in 2002.

2. Blade (1998)
Wesley Snipes was the man after this film came out. The smash DVD hit along with The Matrix and Austin Powers; Blade was a cool hard-R action movie before vampire exploitation became popular. All I have to say about Blade is this...Some mother ****ers are always trying to ice skate uphill.

3. Spider-man 2 (2004)
This sequel to Spider-man is comparable to the quality of the original, almost going beyond the first. That is a very difficult thing to do. This might be the most "comic booky" feeling movie of all time!

4. Iron Man (2008)
RDJ's triumphant return, Nuff said!

5. X2: X-men United (2003)
This again did what sequels often do, taking all of the positive things of the first film and kicking it up a notch. Brian Cox, Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman brought their A-games to Bryan Singer's sequel and made the X-men that much more cool.

6. Blade II (2002)
Guillermo del Toro + Vampires + Wesley Snipes = In the words of Charlie Sheen, Winning!!

7. Punisher: War Zone (2008)
Is this a controversial pick, sure. Do I care, hell no! This did what the Jonathan Hensleigh movie failed to do on so many fronts. To me, Punisher: War Zone is the pure guilty goodness of Ennis Punisher brought to the big screen. Violent, over-the-top and absurd. Great fun!

8. X-Men (2000)
One can make the argument that the success of this film spawned the new decade of Marvel entertainment, I couldn't agree more. This was a July blockbuster of immense proportions. Patrick Stewart's only other defining role besides captain of the Enterprise.

9. Daredevil: The Director's Cut (2005)
Daredevil as he's meant to be, R-rated and gritty. Like the catholic guilt-ridden character of Matt Murdock, I can forgive Mark Steven Johnson and embrace this new cut in all of it's glory. Emerging bad boy Colin Farrell as Bullseye rivals Jack Nicholson's Joker.

10. The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Finally, we see that Marvel Studio's is the true hero of the decade. Doing the character justice, Edward Norton became Bruce Banner. Creating an overarching Marvel cinematic universe is no small accomplishment either.

The bottom of the barrel:
Spider-man 3, Blade Trinity, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, X-men: The Last Stand, Man-Thing, Elektra, and X-men Origins: Wolverine.

So with the Spider-man reboot, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, X-men: First Class, Ghost Rider 2, and a third Iron Man, this decade is sure to be just as exciting for Marvel properties as the last.

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