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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Finally got around to listaning to the score to Elfman's The Next Three Days last night. On first listen this is a very impressive effort from Elfman. It's one of those textural and experimental scores (The Kingdom, Proof of Life, for example) from Elfman. I'm a fan of his approach to that type of writing. Tracks that really stood out for me on first listen "Pittsburgh's Tough", "Don Quixote", "Last Three Months", "The Bump Key", "A Warning", "Breakout", and "The Truth". Overall I believe it to be a really strong effort from Elfman. And an overlooked score. There's a lot more drama in the score than you'd expect from a score or movie like this. This is another example of Elfman able to score a suspense and drama film like this and not just CBM, and fantasy movies. I can't wait to give this another listen, whenever I get a chance. You tend to notice things that you didn't notice on your first listen. Especially with Elfman's scores of the past 15 years.

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