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Default Re: Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me - Part 1

Originally Posted by CEREBRAL.... View Post
according to martin this did not happened...i'm sure the cartoon had awkward humor, and sillyness...i'm just saying the humor and tone of the cartoon was alot diff then the movie and shouldnt be compared.
I'm not comparing ball humor to ball humor, I'm simply saying both had awkward humor and silly moments. As for why Bay's films can have Frat Boys, sexuality and drugs and the cartoon doesn't, that's just the nature of things. I never had a problem with Bumblebee 'peeing' on that guy. Bumblebee is a more lighthearted characters, and quite frankly, sector 7 deserved to be pee-d on *shrugs*, but no one can make you find something funny.
you are entitle to your opinion on the niche thing, and TF was mentio...i seen it..and recall it being mention....i dont know what esle to tell you about it.
I know they mentioned it, I remember the piece. The irony of you mentioning it though is that, at the time, it highlighted how little people knew of Transformers. As I say, I seem to remember Quickswitch is the toy used in that piece that the comedians play with. Quickswitch is a fairly unpopular character (in fact he never really was a character), and a somewhat awkward toy. I'm not sure what kind of planning goes into those segments, but a simple google search would've given them enough information on Transformers to not use Quickswitch(and I seem to remember they had trouble transforming him - he did have six modes though)!?! They might as well have used Bristleback, Cindersaur or Airwave.

Ninja Turtles and G.I.Joe were, at one time, decidedly more popular. One piece of evidence: Transformers War for Cybertron is basically the first G1 game of any noteriety, the rest were total flops. I think that one for the Playstation 2 never made it to the shelves. Transformers also hadn't been producing much in the way of comics until the new movies. I remember when I completed my Transformer comic collection, sometime back around '98 or so. I never had to add to it until Bay began producing the new films.

It's not really an opinion. Maybe they aren't now, but before the LA movies it was a very niche' fanbase.

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