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Default Re: Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me - Part 1

Originally Posted by CEREBRAL.... View Post
i dont like bays versions of the film, plan n simple there are other films he has done and i have had no problems with them.look at my view of this film how you the end of the day you have your thoughts and i have mine..
If more people were to just annunciate this outright, it would save a lot of time.

And I'm not saying people shouldn't state their faults with the film, if anything that helps, but it's really just this root issue of not liking the film that snow balls into what I consider broad stroke hyperbolic statements that make the film appear to be more than it is.

Not at alll..i never go by what a critic says to judge or go watch a film, i'm plainly pointing out to you *insert number* of people may it be cirtics, fanboys, casual fans..didnt like the film for whatever their reasons were, alot of us share some of the views..if you want to look at it as a "witch hunt" against michael bay..go right ahead.
I never go by what critics say either, which is why I never bring them up to validate my views.

I acknowledge that people feel the way they do, I just want to establish that they are nothing more than feelings and shouldn't be proclaimed as statements. I posted a clip of Cars earlier, It had the same quasi racial stereo typing present in TF2 except even more apparent. Now if people starting crying that that film was racist I'd be on here arguing against that too. Opinion vs Fact.
This montage shows what disney has been doing for almost a century, with their kids films... call it what you will

Originally posted by Marvin...Transformers has tasteless humor but the Hangover is the comedy hit of the year. There is no right or wrong way to do humor. Just people that get bent out of shape when their franchise isn't taken seriously.
look at it however you want, i like to think there is such a way to do comedy and when you do you get G, PG, NC-17, R ratings..the last time i check "the hangover" is rated R, TF is PG-13 with all ages going to see it. I wouldnt take my 6 year old nephew to see hangover..but i would take him to see transformers..again look at the film and it's humor how you want.
It doesn't matter if a film is rated R or G for a grown man to be offended. I've heard grown men tell me they were personally offended by pot brownies! But then later told my about how funny the hangover was. I've been told by my white friends that racist robots personally offended them, but than a naked chinese man jumping out of a trunk was hilarious. Ken Jeong's naked butt made them laugh but John Turturro's made them gag. I'm talking about on a base level these grown men have a personal response that varies whist the content remains the same.

TRANSFORMERS(2) IS OFFENSIVE is the statement heard round the internet as opposed to TRANSFORMERS(2) IS OFFENSIVE for a pg 13 movie.

Moreover a PG-13 rating isn't G rating, it actually enforces parental guidance. When a disney audience is subjected to "offensive" material(beastiality not withstanding), I'd be more inclined agree but that still wouldn't apply to Transformers.

so because it grossed alot of money, there's no room to have an issue with the film????
Not at all, I'm just showing you how little numbers should mean in a discussion such as this. Something to keep in mind next time one mentions how many people felt such and such a way.

originally posted by Marvin... I never said it didn't have the representation of the male anatomy, but you seem to not understand the difference between representing something and showing it. The day they show balls in a transformers movie is the day I jump on the hate wagon myself.
yup your view on things is far more advance then mine (sarcasm) look at it how you will at this point.
I'm just being objective.

originally posted by Marvin... You know the 90's batman movies had nipples in them...god forbid.
Well, in some countries those parts of the anatomy are considered offensive. Which by your logic means there were human genitalia in the batman films when clearly their wasn't. But hey they were pg13 so no defenseless eyes were harmed cheers.

cover your eyes boys and girls, you are about to get a double dose of male asses on screen and you should be offended when you see this because well are seeing male asses on screen.

by your flawed logic when applied to the batgirl suit up scene, you actually get to see a "NAKED WOMAN" a pg 13 movie.

Like I said, objectively speaking, I like to have a mind of my own when it comes to such things.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
-James Mangold.

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