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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

I actually thought of quite a few Batman villains; some recreated, others meant for other universes, and ones just for pure fun. For example, I made this one villain named The Big Bad Wolf; pretty much a one shot villain I'd use for maybe one story, if not just a few. Timothy Kaasen was once a marine in modern day warfare and was court marshaled in an unsolved murder case of one of his members in his unit. Not proven guilty however, he was able to join a GPD task force outside of Gordon's unit.

Later on, after his wife leaving with is daughters with due to abuse and molestation, all the anger and resentment leads him to a hot case where he nearly beats a drug dealer to death and one of his partners attempts to restrain him. In a blind fury, Timothy rapes and kills both his partner and the runaway dealer; later into the night, Gordon's unit old finds the dead detective and the dealer in a garbage can. Batman examining closely, he notices pieces of his body are missing and by some of the cuts, gashes and bruises, he concludes that Mr. Kaasen is a cannibal.

That night Timothy Kaasen dawns a halloween wolf mask with the mouth cut out, sharpens his teeth, applies hot glue to his fingers with filed nails, and springs out randomly both day and night as The Big Bad Wolf; mainly has set up crimes of killing, raping, torturing, and on many occasions eating, anyone in the police enforcement.... his little piggies, if you will.

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