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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

I really like the storytelling and darker and more mature themes of season 3/4 Unfortunately the animation quality took a huge decline. More corners were cut and there are tons more animation errors.

For starters, in the Rebirth finale its sort of hard to follow who gets killed or incapacitated or captured. Some characters pop up and then disappear without a trace. I think Rebirth really needed another two episodes and a better budget to fill it out. The other problem I have with Rebirth is that Optimus Prime doesn't really do anything in it. The heroes are Spike, Cerebros, and Fortress Maximus who was barely even in it.

Also what happened to Metroplex after the Hate Plague episodes? Where are the Dinobots? Where is Springer? All of whom were regular and important characters throughout season 3. Grimlock should've said something about the golden age of Cybertron, it would've been funny.

Beast Wars was a good extension of G1 because it sort of had all the good parts of Transformers storytelling and lessened the flaws.

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