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Default Re: Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me - Part 1

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
That video is pretty interesting. Makes me appreciate the first film more. All this talk about how it was 'the fans' who got this guy or that guy cast is pretty silly. Tom Brady thanks the fans all the time for wins, but no one ever credits the guy wearing blue and white face paint for the games that they win.
how dare you undermine the power of face painting

"A man named Hal Jordan was recruited 45 years ago into the Lantern core, flight testing in the midst of the Viet war. He hasn't returned to the relatively measured as primitive earth since. Upon his return from what could be considered hell, the weathered soldier and man out of time has short trimmed grey hair, scars, and a warning of a looming threat that motivated his return to his home planet. He's also surprised and weary to see a Kryptonian on Earth"
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