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Default Re: Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me - Part 1

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
Not to sound crass, but of course he's going to pay the fans lip-service, they've only been buying toys of "him" for twenty some odd years now. I'd be pretty grateful too, considering, without Prime, he'd have been far less successful. As Marvin, Hotwire and I have all said, these articles hardly prove Bay was opposed to using the original voice actors, or that he was "forced" to give them an audition, or that 'the fanbase' was the reason he got cast (because that same fanbase was clearly unable to get Welker recast as Megatron). Don Murphy, the producer, was lobbying for Cullen as far back as 2004 when they were going through script drafts and no director was attached. Bay admittedly wasn't a Transformers fan, and considering his age I doubt he knew Cullen from my left foot when he signed on. Even in their first meeting Bay didn't know Cullen was just a voice actor.
I doubt its "lip service" since as you said yourself, Peter wasnt part of the franchise for close to 25 years.Outside of conventions he had part of Optimus Prime since the 80's.

And his statements were quite clear.So were Bays.

If it werent for the auditions Cullen would not have gotten the part.
And the only reason he got to audition was the fan base pressure.
I've seen no article that states anything remotely close to this
then prehapes you havent done enough research.

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
Neat Quote: "I can't imagine anyone else as Optimus Prime".
- Michael Bay
"lip service"....same thing he did when he said how good he felt ROTF was.

If this were how he really felt there wouldnt have been a need for Peter to do 3 auditions.

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