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Default Re: Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me - Part 1

Originally Posted by sto_vo_kor_2000 View Post
I doubt its "lip service" since as you said yourself, Peter wasnt part of the franchise for close to 25 years.Outside of conventions he had part of Optimus Prime since the 80's.

And his statements were quite clear.So were Bays.
Almost all actors thank "the fans" at some point. It's not as profoundly meaningful as you seem to think it is. Of course "the fans" have something to do with Cullen's continued involvement in Transformers. That's a completely uncontroversial statement. It's like crediting "the fans" for a Football team winning. Or like Chris Claremont thanking "the fans" for making X-Men so popular. Or Christopher Nolan thanking "the fans" for making him millions of dollars.
If it werent for the auditions Cullen would not have gotten the part.
And the only reason he got to audition was the fan base pressure.
then prehapes you havent done enough research.
This is a logical fallacy. Assuming "if that, therefore". There is no proof of any of these statements. If it weren't for auditions no actor would get any part, ever. And before you say "well, there was this one actor that...", actors have to audition at some point, usually multiple times. John Stamos was on the radio this morning talking about auditioning for new sitcoms.
"lip service"....same thing he did when he said how good he felt ROTF was.
No, we're just doing the same thing you've been doing. Taking quotes and shoehorning them into opinions of Bay's Transformer movies. See how that works.
If this were how he really felt there wouldnt have been a need for Peter to do 3 auditions.
Do you know anything about acting, or movies in general There's nothing remotely odd about having multiple auditions, even if he had voiced the character before that. By the by, one of those auditions he also tried out for the voice of Ironhide.

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