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Default Re: Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me - Part 1

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
Almost all actors thank "the fans" at some point. It's not as profoundly meaningful as you seem to think it is.
At no time was Cullens "thanks" , his feelings and the merit of it all the point of my post .

The point was what he said in his statements.And t was his clear acknowledgment that if not for the outcry of the fans he would not have been given the autiotion.

There is no proof of any of these statements.
Just because you havent found the proof does not mean it doesnt exist.

And as I already have stated, Cullen has said in several interviews that it was the fan base that got him the auditions.
If it weren't for auditions no actor would get any part, ever.
Thats not always true, but I accept that as the norm.
No, we're just doing the same thing you've been doing. Taking quotes and shoehorning them into opinions of Bay's Transformer movies. See how that works.
Problem is that I'm not giving an opinion.

I'm reporting on things the actor has said in interviews.

Do you know anything about acting, or movies in general
Actually I do....admittedly very little..

But thats completely irrelevant to my point.My point is that Bays actions are in conflict with his claims.

Your right, theres nothing odd about having an actor do multiple auditions....when your not sure of him.

But when director claims "he cant imagine anyone else in the part", then he must have been sure.

And his audition for Ironhide was a separate audition on one of his call backs for Prime.

Today is a good day to die...

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