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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

Okay, here's my idea. I've actually had it for years, being a writer, I always wanted to write a serial killer story but I think this freak could work as a Batman villain perfectly. The press calls him The Love Bug Killer but he simply refers to himself as Cupid.

The man's name is Barty Gabble, he is a socially retarded, obese computer repairman. Suffering from severe schizophrenic delusions, Gabble believes that he is the host of a gigantic worm who lives in his belly and he can often be seen having conversations with his stomach.

His sickness is only worsened by his inability to get laid. Seriously, like most killers, this guy is governed almost entirely by his libido. And he figures that if can't find love for himself, he'll help other people find love.
So, he does what any self-respecting man would do. Puts on an adult diaper, a cheap plastic doll mask and a set of wings and tries to set couples up.

Unfortunately, these couples are often complete strangers - sometimes not even of the same species, sometimes consisting of a human and an inaminate object. And when these matches don't work out, Barty takes out his crossbow and puts Cupid's arrow right through their heart.

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