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Default Re: Scores To Marvel Films: Which do you like the most?

Danny Elfman's score for the first Spider-Man movie is emblematic of everything that I liked about the movie itself: It's a superhero movie with a heart and a soul. It finds just the right balance between thrilling heroics and a humanity that never feels forced. His Spider-Man theme is exciting and empowering; he uses a strings section to brilliant effect where they frequently sound like Spidey's web. But what makes the score memorable are the scenes between Peter Parker and Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and Mary-Jane.

Still gives me chills.

The second movie has some great musical moments from both Elfman and Christopher Young, but I can't rank it anywhere near the first movie because the recycling of musical cues from the first movie sounds cheap and distracting. The third movie had the same problem. It's a blend of bombastic and fun villain themes by Christopher Young and replayed clips from the first movie.

I also really loved Graeme Revell's score for Daredevil. His music is almost able to make up for the shaky direction, because he finds a unique sound and a well-developed mood for the entire score. But surprisingly, my favorite track from the entire score isn't any of the action cues or the Daredevil theme (which is awesome), but the scene where Matt takes Elektra onto the roof.

A musical cue from a C-Grade action movie that's subtle, beautiful, and romantic? What's going on? Is he allowed to do that? Am I going insane?

Other favorites:
John Powell's score for X-Men: The Last Stand elevates that movie like crazy

John Ottman's score for the Fantastic Four movies nails the characters and the spirit of the comic perfectly. (His Ben Grimm theme says everything I love about that character in 6 notes)

Danny Elfman's score for the Hulk captures all the weird art-house-meets-action-movie goodness that made that movie what it was.

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