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Default Re: Scores To Marvel Films: Which do you like the most?

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
The tracking of music from Spidey 1 Elfman had nothing to with whatsoever. The same for Young on #3. They both wrote original material for their installments, but TPTB liked the temp music from #1 for #2. As well as the temp music from both movies for #3. So they kept most of the temp music in the film. On the Spidey 2 score album you can hear some of the original material Elfman wrote before Raimi and the TPTB rejected it. Someone on YT posted the original music (by Elfman) from #2 to their original scenes 4 years ago. It's still up there.

You can also find the original music from #2 and (some of) #3 posted on YT somewhere.
Yeah, I know that it wasn't Elfman's decision for his own score to get re-used. A lot of his original score fits really nicely, and I wish a lot of it had been in the film. But other parts of it, like Young's score for the train sequence, are way better than what Elfman had written.

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