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Default Re: Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me - Part 1

Originally Posted by gkokujin View Post
nothing you say from here on out is to be taken seriously.
David Kaye's Megatron is infinitely better. Not only was the personality more dynamic than the "dime story supervillain" Frank Welker played, but he wasn't an incompetent boob like G1 Megatron was. G1 Megatron had, to my knowledge, accomplished three things during his tenure on the cartoon. He got the Autobots kicked off planet with a horribly stupid video that made it look like the Autobots had been framing the Decepticons -- ya'know nevermind all the eye witnesses, and threats from the Decepticons all those past years. I guess it helped that every human in G1 was a complete moron. He managed to temporarily teleport Cybertron into Earth's orbit, an act that undoubtibly would've destroyed both planets, and probably Megatron with it. Then somehow, while the cameras were off he did managed to put the Autobots on the defensive during the time between season 2 and the movie, however even that accomplishment ended in his "death" and the Decepticons were left on the burned out planet of Char shortly thereafter. I won't hold him accountible for Galvatron since it's unclear how much, if any, of Megatron exists within Galvatron's spark (although he did seem to remember Optimus).

As for Beast Wars Megatron, he's an evil, and noble genius. First, G1 Megatron would've never potentially sacrificed his own existence distorting the time space continuum by killing Optimus Prime while in hibernation on the Ark. While he was ultimately unsuccessful, that took some balls. Then he quietly manages to take over Cybertron, and wipe out all individual Transformers -- Maximal and Predacon -- and create a nearly unquestioning army of Vehicons. Then, over a short period of time he is able to physically take over the planet, even going so far as creating a giant head of himself so he can basically become Cybertron. BW Megatron not only accomplished quite a lot in a relatively short period of time, his goals and aspirations were far beyond anything his "forefather" ever conceived of doing.

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