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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread

I don't know what to say about that Cinemablend article, that doesn't really sound like Aronofsky, he had problems before and was willing to negotiate, especially with The Fountain so it's kind of weird that with this movie he's demanding total control, because one thing that drew him to this project is that for this movie everyone was willing to do their best to make the best movie that they can instead of Aronofsky fighting for his vision throughout the whole development of the project.

Right now he and his company Protozoa Pictures still have the 2-year contract with Fox to develop and produce movies for them so it's probably certain that his next project will be for either Fox or Searchlight, but then wouldn't they want to drop the contract if he was not willing to negotiate for The Wolverine that maybe he won't do it either in the future. Nevertheless we won't know for sure if the official reason Aronofsky is the real reason he left unless he makes it clear in the future, or not.

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