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Default Re: Caleb Landry Jones cast as Banshee

Originally Posted by succumbtofear View Post
I just don't see many excuses for deciding to adapt characters into Americans. These movies come to other countries other than America, so why change all the characters just to appeal to americans??? As for the actor not having enough time to learn to do the accent, why not then just hire an actor who CAN ALREADY do the accent? It just ticks me off that we have an Aussie playing Wolverine, who is required to do an accent, cause if Wolverine showed up speaking like an Aussie, people would all be like WTF??? But then for other characters its just like "eh whatever they all work better as americans." ... MEh. Disagreed.
Agreed. I'm also a fan of Harry Potter and I thank god that JK held on to creative control. I shutter to think what changes that American studios would've made to Harry AND THE REST OF THE KIDS.

I'm not gonna get to up in arms over this cause the guy can still be Irish but this is Marvel's fault for not retraining some amount of creativity when they whored the rites out to FOX. It's the main reason the Xmen are all over the place and terriable changes like Havoc being the father to Scott or Shaw's mutant power being changed.

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