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Default Re: Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Welker's was G1 Megatron though. Kaye is a descendant of the original. Its a completely different character set in the same universe as the original. Just like Gary Chalk's Optimus Prime.
As Stov_Vo_Kor said, none of this is true. Kaye's Megatron may have or may have not been a descendant of G1 Megatron. They seem to indicate he's not. I suppose that could change. It doesn't really matter though because the Bayverse is not G1, just like Armada is not G1. It's the same kind of reboot mentality that's been prevailent since the inception of the series. There is no more reason they have to use Welker in the movie than having to use Michael Bell to voice Prowl in Animated. I gather you don't or haven't followed Transformers for a while, it's best to think of each new character as a new character, even if they have re-assigned names.

That said, this has little to do with my point. My point was Welker simply did not, IMO, seem as iconic as Megatron as David Kaye did. I think you'd find most TF fans would agree with me on that.
It was so stupid that Soundwave was in the second movie and they didn't even give his voice it's most interesting and distinctive quality. That sort of reverberated, synthesizer computer sound. It sounded like Welker his Darkseid voice.
Actually Soundwave is basically his Dr. Klaw (who sounds a lot like his Darkseid I suppose) voice put through a synthesizer. Yeah, an odd choice not to do it, but, yup, that was the voice for sure. He even used the synthesizer-less voice once in season 3, sound just like that.
Welker wasn't in War for Cybertron, but they still made Soundwave sound like Soundwave.
They did.

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