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Default Re: Caleb Landry Jones cast as Banshee

Originally Posted by Nokio View Post
Yeah she has. In that Max Payne movie with Mark Wahlberg. Could be wrong but I doubt I am.

Ah, I haven't seen MP. So, I can't say much about that. I have read that she does play "A Russian Assassin" but do not know how she speaks in the role.

Originally Posted by Nokio View Post
Fassbender is Irish? Are you sure about that? Could've sworn the guy was or is German

"I said “look man, you’ve got to take the green down. I’m Irish! I can’t go back to Ireland, they’ll kill me.” - Michael Fassbender,

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
There aren't alot of Irish superheroes (Irish born not of Irish descent) or atlest not well known ones so you can understand why Succumbtofear and some X-fans who don't like nationality changes are upset. Its not too unreasonable.
^ Exactly.

If the actor can blow me away as an American version of the character, then I'll shut up. But until then, nothing else will ease my discomfort in seeing a character I've grown up with being converted into a yank.

I just think it's unfair and a tad bit silly that, if an actor has an natural accent, they are expected to ditch it to play a character (Like McAvoy a Scot, obviously not going to be showing up making Xavier sound Scottish) But if a bunch of actors are Americans, expected to be playing non-American characters, then they're told just not to worry about trying to do their proper accents.

I leaped with joy when I heard Nightcrawler speaking in German. I was so happy Alan Cumming, another Scot, was at least able to prevent Nightcrawler from sounding American. It adds so much to the characters. 95% of all these characters are American, and none of them appeal to me because of it. It's just so basic, I guess. Having a character with an accent in a vast American-speaking majority always adds something to it for me.

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