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Default Re: Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me - Part 1

Yeah and to me its the defining characteristic of Soundwave that makes him Soundwave. I don't like Animated anyway so it doesn't really matter to me that they didn't do it in Animated. Animated is done and over with.

Actually your incorrect on both.

Gary Chalk's "Optimus Prime" is a different character set in a different universe universe then the original.[The Unicron Triligy Universe]

And Kaye's Megatron is a descendant of the G1 Decepticons....but not a direct descendant of G1 Megatron.
No I'm not. Beast Wars/Beast Machines Saga is set in G1 canon. Optimus Primal I mean is a descendant of the original. Also they are freaking robots. Beast Wars/Machines Megatron is a descendant of the original Megatron/Decepticons whatever. It's not like robots freaking mate and have robot babies. That's not how reproduction works in Transformers-ville. The Decepticons were referred to as the "ancestors" of the Predacons. The Autobots were the ancestors of the Maximals.

I have followed Transformers for a while. And I just hate the movies because they are awful. I won't ever embrace what Michael Bay does.

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