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Default Re: Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I'm not wrong. You are wrong.
You were wrong,multible times now, and I have not been.

Before when you claimed "Gary Chalk's Optimus Prime its a completely different character set in the same universe as the original"

Fact is, Gary's "Optimus Prime" is from the Unicron Trilogy Universe.

Now you may have meant "Gary's Optimus Primal" but thats not what you said.

What you said was wrong.

Its ok to admit that.

Cyborgs are defined as having biological material which the characters didn't really have until Beast Machines.
You are wrong again.

A "Cyborg" is defined as a a being with both biological and technological (e.g. electronic, mechanical or robotic) parts.

From day one of the Beast Wars the characters adopted organic shells to protect them selfs from the raw energon fields on the planet.

And these shells were real organic materials which were integrated into their systems..

Either way, robots cyborgs same things.
No, they arent exactly the same thing.

They were referred to many times in G1 as robots.
And you and I were talking about the characters of the Beast era....not G1.

Whatever its ****ing semantics anyway.
No its not, you just werent being accurate.
I call them robots. Autonomous cybernetic beings. Transformers. What the **** ever floats your boat.
And if we were talking G1 you would have been right.

Since we were talking Beast Wars, you were not accurate.
Even by these alternate sources there is no evidence to support that the robots mate and make robot babies from robot pregnancies.
Your wrong again.

In both the main G1 source and Alternate G1 source [Japanese series] there is evidence to "SUGGEST" that TF's may be capable of mating and producing children.

One G1 Wheelie's back stories hints at the idea by claiming he and his "parents" crashed on Quintessa when he was a young child.

The second is more explicit: At the end of the Japanese Victory manga we find out that Deathsaurus and his Decepticons have been fighting all this time for the sake of their/the families living, among which the Dinoforce's children.

And for the record, the Dinoforce were a team of pretender Transformers.

They do not MATE and make robot babies.
There is evidence to suggest they might.

Maybe you should do some research into the topic before you post such erroneous statements.

Today is a good day to die...

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