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Default Re: Official UNCANNY X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
But Forge is an established X-Men character, Dr. Nemesis is like a D-List character
Originally Posted by Manic View Post
Being A-list, D-list or whatever doesn't matter. Plenty of fans like some less popular characters more than some really popular characters. I currently like Dr. Nemesis more than I like Wolverine.
to emphasize what Manic said, i think Marrow was one of the best characters to ever grace the X-Men line up, and probably the best to personify who the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning was trying to help. that being said, im sure im like 1 of 5 people who feel that way about her.

Wolverine: "I got one. Domino or Psylocke?"

Nightcrawler: ".....British or Japanese Psylocke?"
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