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Default The last days of krypton

How about the next Supes movie goes back to before Krypton explodes

I've just finished a book by Kevin J Anderson called the last days of krypton, chronicles approx the last year of the palnet.

Zod is the science commissioner, which is handy as he "destroys" all the weapons, including the phantom zone projector, Joe-EL creates, Braniac steals Kandor, thus eliminating the ruling council, leaving Zod to take over by any means required, a Gaurdian of OA arrives on Krypton to offer the services of the GL corp, Zor-EL is the ruler of Argo City and is monitoring the volcanic and seismic situations below the surface...Lara is a promising artisit who marries Jor-EL after braniac departs with kandor....Zod's partner Aeyer discovers the warlord Jax-UR's ancient stockpile of weaponry.. which Zod want to use on rebel citys, but tells the people he will use to protect Krypton from intergalatic attacks..anyway...i reckon that could be a top flick

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