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Default Re: The Official: Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter Thread.

Originally Posted by TheMayor View Post
I think thats exactly what you meant. When will they stop trying to be us and just be proud to be proud of there abilities rather then trying to adopt a mutated version of a man...
Shooting a gun at a shield to demonstrate its effectiveness in a very dramatic, no nonsense and slightly comedic way seems to me more a indication of her personality, than a woman trying to be a man.

Unless you're trying to imply that pulling a trigger, being dramatic, comedic and no nonsense (all in one) is a man thing?

Different strokes for different folks I guess - To me, that scene was great. Succeeded in demonstrating so many things at once.

Thor: Ragnarok watched. The best 6 / 10 film I've ever seen.
If I can enjoy JL as much, with half the irritation, we might have an 8/10, yeah baby!
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