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Th Biggrin Thor's ship the Starjammer in future sequels?

I think it would be awesome if Thor had his wooden ship the Starjammer from the comics appear in future sequels so he Thor could battle intergalactic threats and go on intergalactic adventures and travel to the Black Galaxy,Rigel,the Doomsday Star etc. and take on enemies like the 5 Black Stars including the planet Rhun,the Celestials,Ego the living Planet. Thor has had more intergalactic space adventures than any other Marvel character with the exception of the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer.

Thor's ship the Starjammer also had laser cannons and could travel across the galaxy and travel to the farthest galaxies at the far ends of the known universe.

Thor travelling across the galaxies in the Starjammer is a definite must for future movies. It would be an awesome combination of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings put together.

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